How to Create Galleries

An easy step-by-step tutorial


Let’s install and activate the Envira Gallery plugin first! Now we can create amazing galleries by clicking the Envira Gallery link in our admin panel’s sidebar and then adding that gallery to any page by clicking the Add Gallery button.

Certainly we get much more options by buying one of the Premium licences. These options include albums, gallery pagination, tag filtering, captions, slideshows, and many more!

But our beautiful galleries can be created without the premium options too! Look here:]

Watch this video on how to create your first Envira Gallery.

The trick is in the Config tab of your Gallery. Here you have a great number of options to change your gallery, whether it’s number of columns, a lightbox setting, gaps and spaces between images, size of the thumbnails and many, many more. Check out these custom galleries created with Envira plugin:

[envira-album id=”473″]